How to nail your content marketing: Part 2


chris get your nose out that rousing bible there have you got a it was all about um globe artichokes oh it’s just too fascinating i was expecting a saucy postcard or something where you’re pretending to read a vegetable record but actually you’re looking at racy draws i entail as you can tell i’m really into my veggies[ Laughter] hi i’m matt hi chris it’s another ape monday it’s another one and it’s part two of our content sell yeah it’s to finish off the uh cliffhanger from last week it was good wasn’t it if you didn’t see it just ch check out the uh the trailer at the end worth it for that liberty chris yes yeah yeah and should you watch him in proper seek so there’s some there’s this isn’t a spoiler anyway i don’t know i don’t think it matters receiving treatment like star fightings watch what you like[ Laughter] people are going to watch us every christmas anyway so it doesn’t really matter so good so we’re drilling down now into our content marketing we’re thinking about in particular newsletter marketing is a bit of a bugbear of ours i think isn’t it chris yeah it is i mean it can be so boring so the subtitle of this is uh why how what versus material lord sell yes i mean you’re gonna be gonna have to bleep out yeah every time you say content i’m gonna have to got something aren’t i all right well let’s come let’s get knee deep in the content shall we i’d say it’s quite easy it’s quite easy to create content though claim it is i mean i make how many emails do you get as a a standard human being like i just get tons anytime you buy anything unexpectedly you’re arbitrarily subscribed to their email newsletter which is just rubbish and it’s a double-edged sword truly because we would definitely say agreed opted-in marketing is probably going to be the future right yeah it ought to have i necessitate everything’s going more ethical and surely it’s going to well at the minute you can be you can be opted in and agreed sort of through the back door can’t you by buying something i’m sure each time i buy something i would say please don’t send me an email newsletter but i still get them so by buying something are you opting in well yeah a lot of beings are getting around that by using the um um i don’t know there’s a clause in gdpr isn’t there the uh well it’s business related or something so it’s i don’t know the gdpr stuff’s there to protect us but it’s only gonna get it’s only gonna go one acces i think and certainly we’ve done other vlogs talking about how browsers and uh big technology providers such as apple are looking at ways of protecting us as individuals so that our data isn’t shared so much better and we only we have to kind of opt in for this kind of stuff and it’s kind of you are familiar with as a as a consumer that’s what i want i crave nonsense to be relevant to the stuff that i’ve actually asked for i mean i just spend a lot of time uh every so often really unsubscribing to trash precisely to try and clear out the noise in my daytime um so that’s the problem fortunes and a lot of beings are jostle their contents in your face uh in a obscene nature it’s like going in a ballpark isn’t it and you’ve got soiled age-old souls in coatings where is this going i don’t know you know we’re just get exposed to things we maybe don’t certainly have wanted to or be concerned about so it’s important that um when you look at content marketing and email marketing that you’ve got a genuinely good agree inventory you’re not buying substance um and making sure that you start building a tribe and getting that letter great that’s the way to do it and avoid just sending out a laden of old spam yes i necessitate one of my bug brings is firms like ones that sell blooms or festivities “il just go” casting something out every single week how often are you buying blooms and how often do you want to go on holiday it’s just like over saturation you’ve just come back from this anniversary now every week we’re going to send you something for the next three years i represent it’s just ridiculous yeah so i think getting the focus down and understanding your audience is really good and we talked a bit about that last week so um the takeaways in a manner that was from this are to understand the future is agreed you should we should bear that in brain but you should also bear in mind parties certainly probably don’t care about the majority of members of your content and the biggest trap we attend syndicates fall into is they get a customers register and then they send them a newsletter yeah derek our ceo has just done this we just prevailed this big contract um even actually i’d say some cultural campaigns can can be a bit tiring for people you know this self grandiosing you know stuff that we’ve done look at our unit who have done this charity thing i want there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s certainly a move in the right direction but it’s it’s it’s a little bit um organization-centric aren’t they that’s the problem yeah and i think about um all of the email marketing that i get there’s only that one hyatt denim one that i kind of look forward to coming every week because they’re not trying to flog me nonsense and there might be something in there that’s quite interesting i don’t see many other business are in my inbox that well look forward to or time don’t go i’m just going to delete that oh it’s that thing again yeah kind of tricky it is tricky and you know a lot of newsletters go out that are just offer associated especially for ecommerce websites is is well we know we can send this email out and knocking 10 off nonsense and sell some stuff that’s fine there’s nothing undoubtedly wrong with that but you’re not going to win a quantity of symbol loyalty by discount material all the time uh you’re gonna win label allegiance by um sharing certainly valuable material that your audience cares about and uh so you know tipping the conversation on its head a little bit leave those publics narratives and genuine fragments of content that’s meaningful for them we talked a little bit last age about how you can come up with those ideas of that good material but going that in your newsletter at the top it’s probably more important than your 20 off if you just wanted to settled some guarantees or some uh money off chips at the bottom that’s that’s cool but you know if you’re not ready to buy you don’t you’re just going to delete that coin off him and the one i get all of the time is anniversary taxes yeah exactly this just tires me out i think i’ve unsubscribed now because i can time search for the uh i can time search for the rebate system if i demand it so yeah you know we sign up for these things and rapidly we get tired of them if they’re not saying the right thing yeah that produces us on to the third thing about not selling stuff i think that’s that’s what really is the big switch off like it seems as if um email marketing has become a cheaper way to make booklets through your entrance that everyone would just chuck in the bin anyway yeah because you’d have to print them and then that’s that’s it i symbolize it’s as dumb or as smart as that yeah i symbolize everyone’s going oh i’m saving quantities of money but you’re still not connecting with beings yeah and that’s and that’s the main thing and i think people can sometimes think about readers like they think about entanglement freight i require i crave the biggest number but actually you maybe don’t and part of a really good content marketing strategy is to think about smaller more defined audience in fact maybe you’d have two or three you don’t have to send the same fragment of information to everybody so having a really sometimes small but focused directory is is more meaningful because that audience is going to have more in common with itself when you look at an gathering of say i don’t know 200 people versus an gathering of 2 million yeah i’m i’m thinking about one of our consumers who potentially could sell um their business could be 10 or 12 1 million contracts and they would be quite happy at that elevation you could create something remarkable if you were to go i’m just going to create a personalized email to these 10 or 12 parties yeah and you could you could email them personally and become would you would you like me to aggregate some material can we connect can we do something really personal maybe we’ll way a little group together and i will merely email once a few months and um it’ll only be stuff which is really specific to our industry and things that will that you might not find on your day-to-day life you know it could be really interesting at that point yeah here i am thinking once you if you think of it in those expressions you can define different publics give them different messages and give them different newsletter material but make sure that content genuinely means something to them and doesn’t have to be super regular um i think that’s when you can that’s when your newsletter substance will start working for you but i don’t even like the period newsletter your mailing campaign uh is gonna work better for you and merely scaped putting you know too much information in there especially if your audience is time starved understanding how much day your gathering has really important thing so that audience analysis is really important if we even if you just think even if you got to go our audience is time staffed well if the time starved don’t give them reams of stuff if your gathering is time rich and enjoys learning if it’s academia then maybe that is where you want to go well hey here’s a white paper on this and here’s some reports on this and did you know uh this event um we’re now agreeing for this small audience exists and we’re gonna work on this together you can you can give more detail for the audience if they care about it but you have to get that right and one of the other things is that a lot of people be concluded that they want an email marketing campaign having experienced others they’ve seen bigger companies do it and they go okay if bigger companionships do it like this then we must do it like this and there’s they create a copycat campaign whereas if you’re b2c uh you could or if you’re a smaller player you can do do something more interesting you you need to be zagging rather than zigging yeah to um really connect with your audience and tone is important too right i entail there’s two there’s a couple of ways you could think about why your email exists you were able to follow the um like the google uh the remember google programme material i can’t remember off the priorities in my president but it’s things like oh you know um you know impress me surprise me help me backing me um you know is your is your email there to support your chaps is it there to um entertain them in some way so understanding that you could also look at brand archetypes you are familiar with and that’s a real if you haven’t got that tone of voice that label programme written down anywhere time check out firebrand archetypes we were able to do a separate vlog on this and work out who are you are you you know you a protagonist to your audience what does that definitely sounds like and that will help get that content cultivating better for you as well sort of how are you looking after that audience yeah and it’s about being authentic i think most of our purchasers would say that our vlogs represent who we are well yeah i mean otherwise that you know maybe we’d be onus better if we were less authentic we’d perhap programme more i don’t know[ Laughter] so that’s it i think that makes us to the end of part two there is no part three unless we get you know quantities of requisitions we’ll do some prequels[ Laughter] a new hope well there let’s left open with that roller the credits it’ll really be me they’ve been most predominantly editing me it might be a nice opportunity to positioned all of the sponsors actually in there oh you know yeah well there’s a lot mel does a lot yeah well everything’s the monkey monday team’s heavily involved yes okay i’ll race some tufts it’ll be all over this be fine huge you

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